If you are new to online check-in then you may want to read some of our notes, first!

Transfer passengers holding separate tickets:
British Airways will not effect any through check-in for passengers holding separate tickets for onward travel from the transfer point, unless the fights are BA to BA, or BA to oneWorld partner (ie Iberia, American Airlines etc) Passengers who have separate tickets will have to collect their baggage at the transfer point & possibly clear customs and then check in again for their onward flight. Extra time for the transfer will therefore have to be allowed as
minimum connecting times will not apply. Look, if you do not understand this aspect you MUST speak to your travel agent or the airline.

How to print a boarding pass
1. British Airways offers you the opportunity to print your own boarding pass before going to the airport, when travelling from selected airports. Where this service is available, a 'Print boarding pass' button will appear on the Online Check-in confirmation page. Make sure that your printer is online and that you have paper in it - in some cases the system will only allow you ONE shot at printing your boarding pass!

All of these customers will have access to the full seat map at time of booking:

Seats: Generally, if you have a cheaper ticket, you take pot luck. Get to the airport early.

Customers holding fully flexible tickets booked in J/C/W/Y booking classes (ie expensive)

Premier and Gold cardholders, and FIRST passengers, will have exclusive access to 1A 1K in FIRST cabin until check in opens as part of preferential seating. The seat allocation process is semi-automated.

Those travelling with infants will choose their seat at time of booking, giving them more assurance.

Customers with additional needs with specific seating requirements will still need to contact BA as they will be identified by a keyword - they will only be able to change their seat to another suitable for their needs. "Being Tall" for example, is not a special need. This means a medically certifiable need backed by an appropriate medical information form (a "MEDIF") which may also mean "fit to fly" letters.

For those who will be allocated a seat by BA before check-in opens:

- Families travelling with young children (2-11 years) - the CHD or "Child" designator must be entered into the PNR (Passenger Name Record, aka "booking") of a child under 12 on all occasions otherwise BA will not be able to identify them at the pre-allocation seating run. Please remember that seat allocation is predominantly automated so entering the correct and relevant keywords into the PNR at the time of booking is key to the passengers being together. This is partly travel agent speak; just make sure you get the child information in your booking!.

For those who can choose their seat at check-in
- The earliest that anyone can check in is 24hrs before departure. All eligible passengers should be encouraged to check in as early as possible either via online check-in on ba.com or at the airport as they will have choice of all available seats - no seats will be held back by the airports. All suitable available seats will be shown.

When using this service, if you have hand baggage only, you can proceed directly to the security checkpoint at the airport. If you have baggage, they will need to take it to the so-called Fast Bag Drop.

If the Online boarding pass button is not available, you may still be able to use the check-in kiosk but, frankly, chances are that won't work either - so go to a desk.

Welcome to British Airways online Check-in.
 Seasoned travellers, click on the BA logo

(This will go straight to  "manage my booking" )

BA Telephone (UK) 0844 493 0787

Only check in for the flight you are about to take. UNLESS you are 150% certain that nothing will possibly ever change on a future, checked-in flight.

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- UMs (Unaccompanied Minors)  will be seated and adjacent seats blocked by the airport.

- Groups If requested, we will attempt to assign seats together in a block. If we are unable to block seats due to the seat map being closed, and for individual seat requests, seat assignments may only be made at check-in.

- An automated system will identify PNR's with CHD descriptor and will also check these PNR's for TCP ("To Complete Party" i.e. where a child may be on a seperate booking from the parents or adults travelling with the Child) to identify those scenarios where parents may be on separate itineraries. BA will always sit a child with at least one adult.

2. Very often e tickets that have been changed, exchanged upgraded or otherwise "mucked about with" MAY not allow online checkin - or, indeed, check in at the airport terminal kiosks. Do not be alarmed - you will just need to check in at the airport the old-fashioned way by going to the desk.

As with many airlines, these days, what baggage you can take depends a lot on the sort of ticket you have and where you are going. To help, here is a link to the British Airways page which shows how much you are allowed and how much extra you pay for extra bags. You should pay for any extra baggage using Manage My Booking  before going to the airport (Yes, click on the suitcase!!)

If you find this helpful and would like to use us as your travel agent, please call Eton Travel on +44 (0) 1753 671 757. We book British Airways flights.