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If you are new to online check-in then you may want to read some of our notes, first!

Online check-in is available for Australian and New Zealand domestic Qantas and QantasLink passengers between 24 hours and 1 hour before departure and for international flights between 24 and 2 hours before departure - (nearly) all available seats may be arranged during the check-in process - save for those on the very cheap seats - though even then you can request your seat type (aisle or window). This includes all OneWorld partners but NOT Japan Air Lines. You will need a printer that is online and working, to print the boarding pass, etc. Exceptions: Unaccompanied minors, Some passengers travelling with special needs may need to check-in at the airport. Jetstar domestic (Oz and NZ) passengers cannot check in online.

Unaccompanied Minors - If a child is travelling without the supervision of a parent or guardian who is fifteen years or older they are classified as an unaccompanied minor. To make a booking for an unaccompanied minor contact your local QANTAS office or this may be done through your travel agent. Bookings cannot be made online. Note: A booking fee of up to AUD50.00 (GBP23.00-ish).

QANTAS Premium Economy

QANTAS are partners in the "Infotriever" calender management system, which really is rather good. The software download is free and as well as QANTAS you can access information on flights from Cathay Pacific, Air France, ANA, China Eastern, Jet Airways and Royal Brunei, to name a few. The system works well under all smartphone operating systems.

Qantas have some very helpful information with regard to wheelchairs and mobility aids. This includes a very useful list of the dimensions that are acceptable in various aircraft for wheelchairs, should you need them on board. There is further, useful information on their website, here >>>>.

REMEMBER -  1. If you a Brit going to Australia, YOU MUST get a visa or arrange for the pre-clearance, which you can do through your travel agent. Do not leave it until you get to the airport, if you are refused the pre-clearance, you will need a full visa and that will take time!!

Original QANTAS DC3
A380 - The New Flying Rat!

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Qantas Premium Economy is now available on selected flights from Sydney to Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and New York and from Melbourne to Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

REMEMBER -  2. If you a Brit going to Australia, be careful with duty free. If you have to get off en route with duty free bought in London, you may well NOT be able to get back on with it! (Despite what they may say at the London duty free shops.) Check with QF!

Only check in for the flight you are about to take. UNLESS you are 150% certain that nothing will possibly ever change on a future, checked-in flight.

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As with many airlines, these days, what baggage you can take depends a lot on the sort of ticket you have and where you are going. To help, here is a link to the QANTAS page which shows how much you are allowed and how much extra you pay for extra bags. You should pay for any extra baggage using Manage My Booking  before going to the airport (Yes, click on the suitcase!!) customers with Apple phones running iOS6 can now access their domestic boarding passes via Passbook. Simply check in using your mobile and elect to 'add to passbook' when you receive your mobile boarding pass.

Children under 6 must be accompanied by a person 15 years or over who is an immediate family member or who has written permission from the child's parent or guardian. Save for Qantas International services a child of 5 years or more can travel unaccompanied provided the child's flying time (not including ground time) does not exceed 6 hours. International rules apply when international and domestic flights are combined. Some US domestic carriers, including American Airlines, do now allow transfer of Unaccompanied Minors to/from Qantas International flights. Please note that unaccompanied minors are effectively banned from JETSTAR flights.