Check-in via the (very good) Mobile portal is available from 22 hours to 1 hour prior to departure. You can only check in one person at a time. Please be at gate at the latest 20 minutes prior to departure (15 minutes for domestic flights). If you need to check in your baggage, check-in yourself via SAS MobilePortal and your luggage at the self service automat/Check-in counter at the airport. Mobile Check-in on SAS flights is available within Scandinavia, from Scandinavia to Europe, from Dublin, Helsinki, London, Nice, Paris to Scandinavia and to/from Bangkok. With hand luggage only: Amsterdam, Birmingham, Brussels, Geneva, Manchester, Zurich to Scandinavia. (Ask when you get to your destination for the relevant mobile access number)

What you can use the Internet check-in service for: Check with / without baggage, to select or change your seat, change flight (if fare permits!) and to register your frequent flyer card number (note: ANY Star Alliance member card) When you travel within Europe in Economy, SAS preallocate seats for you and your travel companions in the same booking, 3 hours before departure. You are able to select your seat if you check-in prior to this time.

Children/Babies and UMNR's - On domestic flights in Sweden and Denmark a special fare applies for unaccompanied minors, no charge is added. A service fee of SEK 250 or equivalent in other currency per one way trip will be charged for unaccompanied minors traveling on international routes. Some exceptions exist. Only one fee is charged for unaccompanied minors traveling together. When you book a child's fare ticket for your infant, you may bring aboard a SAS approved car-type baby seat for installation in the adjoining seat. The car seat may be of the aft or forward facing type. No part of the car seat may extend outside the passenger seat. Maximum dimensions: horizontally 65 cm/25 in, height 45 cm/18 in. (The seat, not the baby)

Booking of baby cradles When flying to/from North America or Asia you can book a cradle (bassinet) for babies up to 9 months old. The length of the cradle is 89 cm or 72 cm, depending on aircraft type. You MUST book it at the same time as your ticket. When flying in Business or Economy Flex/Extra on our European and intercontinental routes you can arrange a special meal for infants and children when you order at least 24 hours in advance (domestic flights and flights within Scandinavia are not covered by this service). A baby meal contains soya semp, jars with mashed meat or fish and vegetables, and pureed fruit. Please note that because breakfast service is the same for children and adults, children's meals can only be ordered for flights departing at 09.30 local time or later.

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If you are new to online check-in then you may want to read some of our notes, first!

SAS Telephone (UK) 0871 226 7760

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Only check in for the flight you are about to take. UNLESS you are 150% certain that nothing will possibly ever change on a future, checked-in flight.

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Internet check-in is open from 22 hours to 1 hour before departure, with or without baggage. Internet check-in is available for all passengers, with up to nine pieces of baggage, except from UK where the limit is two pieces of baggage. Internet check-in is available for all booking classes and ticket types. Least amount of time you can allow to get your flight, assuming all checked in and no baggage is 20 minutes (their) domestic and 40 minutes Europe. Note: You may need to allow extra time for security at some airports, including Heathrow.

As with many airlines, these days, what baggage you can take depends a lot on the sort of ticket you have and where you are going. To help, here is a link to the SAS page which shows how much you are allowed and how much extra you pay for extra bags. (Yes, click on the suitcase!!)

SAS have (so far) 10 Boeing 737-800 aircraft equipped for WiFi and will be connected soon for GSM communication. Once the the plane has reached a cruising altitude of 10,000 metres, SAS WiFi offers the ability to send and receive emails, data synchronization over WiFi on your smartphone, and SAS are introducing GSM telephony capabilities on board. This will enable passengers to send and receive SMS and MMS, receive and make calls, synchronize data by GPRS on your smartphone. There is a cost, however, if you are in economy. Economy passengers: €8 for flights in the Nordic region (including Finland) and €12 for flights in Europe. You can also pay with EuroBonus points: 1500 in the Nordic region and 2500 points in Europe. Note: You will be charged roaming by your operator.

SAS and Optiontown give you the opportunity to purchase an upgrade on your SAS flight departures between Scandinavia and the US/Asia from Economy to Economy Extra or Business as well as from Economy Extra to Business. UTo (Upgrade Travel option) is offered in collaboration with Optiontown. To enjoy the comfort of Economy Extra and Business: Book a SAS Economy or Economy Extra ticket, log in to, Find your booking by entering your PNR number/booking reference, last name and email address, Choose the flight that you want to be upgraded on, Pay a small registration price and a variable upgrade price. You will receive an email 4 hours before departure at the latest informing you whether your upgrade has been processed. If it is not possible to upgrade your flight on this occasion, the full upgrade price will be automatically refunded within 5 working days.

SAS Business Class Seats