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Skincare and Travel

Travel and Skincare

It is likely that you may feel that I have muddled up my scripts. Since when has skincare got anything to do with business travel?

Ladies are only too aware of the effect that sitting in a metal tube, 32,000 feet off the ground, with their skin exposed to air recycled for the nth time, can have. Gentleman are (usually) not so savvy. Gentlemen probably consider that having a soap-and-water wash and a shave and then the application of their favorite alcohol-based aftershave is enough to deal with the rigors of modern travel.

Well, it isn't. Recycled air is the same more or less, no matter if you are up front or down the back. It is very dry stuff and it comes (invariably) from the side of a very hot jet engine, burning jet fuel and it has been around... and around... and around. For those in business who travel a lot, attention is needed at an early age to avoid radical premature skin ageing. The answer is really quite simple and will not take too much out of anyone's daily routine. If you really care about what you are going to look like in 10, 20 or 30 years time money spent now on good quality products (rather than simply Glycerine based products available in many big name chain stores) will make a significant difference.

If you travel to hot countries, chances are you will then be in and our of air conditioned hotels and offices. Again, may feel comfortable; but devastating for your skin.

Ditch the soap and the aftershave, especially if visiting an extreme climate country. Both are really horrible stuff for the skin of the traveler. This should be replaced with either a specialist gentle cleanser (for sensitive skin) or a Glycolic Acid or other Alpha Hydroxy Acid cleanser. Jan Marini Skincare make a useful range of "professional" cleansers as do ViDerm. This will make sure that you remove all the environmentally aggressive stuff which flies around in recycled, air conditioned and airport environment air. You will then need to use a moisturiser. This should be suitable for your skin type, be it dry, normal, sensitive or oily. You should (airport restrictions permitting) always try and keep a small tube of moisturiser handy at all times. We are all used to using hand creams but men especially, forget about their face and neck.

If you travel to different climates, never forget sunscreen. There are sunscreens made for differeing conditions. Heliocare, for example, cover most options and include a "Urban" product as well as the Factor 50+ type for those visits to the Far East. Even if you are only outside for short periods, walking from office to car, the sun in many countries can be highly damaging, very quickly.

Add a serum to your routine. Again there are professional serums available from Agera, Jan Marini and others. These are names that you will probably not see in the average main-stream high street retail outlets mainly because they tend to be targeted towards cosmetic doctors and professional use rather than mass market sales. These serums are generally used at night and whereas moisturiser protects, serums seek to repair the damage caused by external aggressors.

If you are not too sure about your skin type or what may be the best range to use, Gentleman, swallow any pride and visit a professional beauty therapist. They are able to analyse your skin type and recommend the type of product which would be best suited to your particular needs.

There is no need to get too technical on the skincare front. Even if you manage to use a quality cleanser and a good mosituriser that will be a start. Look at the ingredients and do not get confused between price, because a manufacturer thinks good presentation is the be all and end all and price because the *right* high quality ingredients are used. Believe me, I have seen some very expensive products that are all packaging and no substance.

The time to start, by the way, is now!

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