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Norwegian to Singapore


Having talked about Norwegian and their incursion into the North Atlantic traffic, this morning along comes an email announcing their intention to fly to Singapore. Singapore being another major and very busy route.

Fares start from £179.90 for a very basic, basic fare rising to £759.90 for the "all singing, all dancing" flexible premium fare. A return flight would cost you, on the basic, basic fare £379.80 return (fares are one way and the for return date I chose, the lowest fare was £199.90). A premium return fare (not the flex variety) would cost £1339.80.

How does this compare? The dates I chose were for an outward flight on the 2nd October with a return on the 25th October. Note that these dates include a Saturday night. British Airways will offer a premium economy return for £1,289.67 and a "best price" economy return would cost £505.67. So, Premium on BA would beat Norwegian but Norwegian come out top on the economy fare. Singapore Airlines version of Premium, same dates, comes out at £1675.67 and economy, £765.67.

BUT if we take out the Saturday night, then the picture is rather different. British Airways Premium cabin return comes to £2811.67 and £1933.67 is the best you could hope for in the economy cabin. Singapore Airlines are not far off the same prices.

Here Norwegian make a big difference. Their return, without a Saturday night is £1339.80 return in Premium and for (basic, basic) economy, £379.80!

For any business people, who need Monday to Friday or similar, Norwegian should prove very popular (so the lower fares will not be around for too long). Norwegian use a new Dreamliner for the route with modern cabins. If you are staying a Saturday night and if you book far enough in advance (Premium economy on this route does fill up very quickly), then the British Airways Premium option would be in my opinion, a better value deal.

At present, the Norwegian Airlines flights can only be booked on their website as I could not call the flights up on my Sabre airline distribution system. That is not to say they will not appear in due course, though. The Norwegian fares for a no-Saturday-night stay are cracking good value; for any business travelers planning an October round of meetings, not booking now would be a big mistake.

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