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British Airways Exec Club Changes

BA Cards

British Airways have changed some of the regulations relating to their Executive Club members and these changes are indeed, useful.

There are two major changes which will benefit anyone with a Bronze, Silver or Gold card. The first is that, as long as you hold one of the above cards, you can reserve a free seat, irrespective of the fare paid. This will suit mainly business travelers on at least Bronze Status (for which you need 300 tier points).

Secondly, you can now put your points on "hold" for a year, if you are taking time off work for maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

For information, in order to get to 300 tier points, you need to fly 60 times on the lowest available fare to Amsterdam per year, 4 times to New York in Premium Economy or about 9 times a year to Dubai in Economy or 3 times to New York (or pretty much anywhere in the US) in Business Class. (For information, the tier points you get in Premium Economy and in Business Class are the same, irrespective of the price paid for the ticket).

Another, perhaps overlooked, benefit is that one can earn "Avios" on a BA card when shopping at numerous stores, including TESCO, M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams and for those of you with more money than financial sense, Apple.

Welcome changes.

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