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Iceland 101

This is a copy of the article written by my daughter, after her trip to visit friends in Iceland:


Firstly, rent a car ..... if you really want to see Iceland and well, frankly, get anywhere, you are really going to need a car. Iceland, although not a big country is very sparse, so if you really want to go out and get close to nature, your best option is renting a car....this actually also gives you the freedom of making your own travel plans and not having to rely on expensive guided tours.

Do note that a 4x4 is probably best due to the road and weather conditions, but also for that access of F roads in the Summer. Also you get to stop and take in the breathtaking surroundings!

PETROL - While I was there over Christmas petrol was about 225.51 per liter, which in Pounds Sterling is around £1.50.... (I know, and you thought it was expensive in England)

Bring you LIFE SAVINGS...because man, Iceland is expensive....now you probably have heard this a lot form anyone who has traveled there, but the reality is......nothing really prepares you for the prices ahead.

Coffee - a small take out latte can set you back around £5-£7 depending whether it's a chain or a local cafe.

Sandwich - looking at about £6-£8 again, depending on where you are.

National Icelandic wool jumper...now this one I highly recommend buying from a local shop than on the high street because you'll probably save almost £100. Mine set me back around £140 - and that was with 20% off.

I think you guys get the picture.

Aurora Borealis...AKA Northern Lights... (BAD NEWS AHEAD)

This one is my favourite. Why? you ask ....Well, its very simple, chances are you might never see them while you visit Iceland, so don't get your hopes up too much. I just spent a week there over Christmas and well, thanks to the great windy and wet weather, I did not see them once.

Obviously, it can differ depending on where you plan to visit and I have been told that the more north you are the better your chances, but it all depends on the weather and the sky.

Valdis - Reykjavik


Ahh! Another favourite bit, what can I say...Iceland is definitely doing it right! From their traditional soups to their amazing ice-creams, Iceland knows what good food is.

I highly recommend you dig in to the local cuisine. Fish soup, lobster, lamb, skyr, glazed cookies and ice-cream are a few to mention.

I highly recommend Valdis ice-cream parlour for some home churned goodness!

When should I travel?

Well I tell you this folks... definitely not over Christmas.

Although a European country, it is still very new to the idea of tourists over Christmas.

There are nearly no Christmas markets, and most places are closed from the 24-26 December. Iceland is a very religious and spiritual country and for them Christmas is very much a part of getting together, seeing family and celebrating.

Another note is the daylight hours are very short, so short that if you blink enough times from 11 am till 4 pm you won't even notice that the sun ever rose.

From what I have been told, the best time is actually spring, when the weather is still cold but the daylight hours are much longer, meaning you can fit a lot more into your day.



Now, I wish someone had told me this before I traveled....If you want to go and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon....BOOK IN ADVANCE! although the walk around the outside of the blue lagoon spa is just a amazing!

Water....Its free....Take a bottle with you because guess what...the tap water hear is so pure it is 100% drinkable and some places even have free water fountains, like the airport!

Well I think I have covered the basics.....if you have any questions, please do ask and I will do my best to answer.

In the meantime, look out for my next blog on my TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN WEST ICELAND!

Waterfall - Hraunfossar (and the author)

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